Young Handler

Kindly sponsored by Gatemasters

Judge: TBA
To be judged after completion of other classes.

Class S1  Age 2 – 6 years
Class S2 Age 7 – 11 years
Class S3  Age 12 – 18 years

The GI CUP – for the Best Young Handler

Rules: All accredited sheep must be accompanied by the green SAC form, which must be in date and handed to the Steward before unloading. No accredited sheep can be unloaded without this form.
Each breeder may only show a maximum of two exhibits per class.
Honley Show is unable to provide any hay or straw for the exhibits.
All vehicles must clear the showground by 9.30am to relevant parking facilities and livestock must remain on the showground until 5.00pm.
Large number entries at discretion of Secretary.
All sheep must be owned by the Exhibitor for 60 days prior to the Show.
All trophies are perpetual and remain the property of Honley Show Society. They must be returned on or before the day of the Show, in good and clean condition

Entry Fee: FREE.
Entries close Friday 1st June 2018

Entry tickets given to exhibitors are two tickets per animal.

An AML form will be sent out with entry passes. Please send SAE with your entry form.

Entry Form can be downloaded from the column on the right of this screen. To purchase additional entry tickets at the reduced fee, please complete the appropriate section.