Milking competition

Judge: Mr Steven Thomas, Hackney, London
First Inspection will take place at 6.30am on the Saturday morning (subject to the Judge’s approval).

Class 18 – Milking Competition, for goats of any age, to have kidded once only
Class 19 – Milking Competition, for goats of any age, to have kidded twice or more

Prize Money:Goats in Milk (Inspection & Milking Comp) 1st – £12, 2nd – £8, 3rd – £6, 4th – £4

Entry Fees: Goats in Milk (double pen) entered in both milking and inspection £3.50; entered in milking only £2.25

Straw must be ordered and paid for with entries.

The Goat Classes are held under the Rules, Regulations and Recognition of the British Goat Society. All exhibits must be registered with the BGS regarding the ownership and in the name of the exhibitor, the registered name, number and earmark being quoted on the entry form (also the kidding date for goats in milk). All goats in milk must have been kidded or aborted a minimum of 30 days previous to the date of the Show.
No pregnant goats may be admitted to the Showground. In the event of an unforeseen kidding or abortion, the goat must be immediately isolated from other goats. Full details of the goat, exhibitor and any action taken must be reported in writing to the Chief Steward, to the BGS Secretary, immediately after the Show.
Entries will only be accepted from whole herd negative CAE tested herds and must be submitted on BGS or Sheep and Goat Health Scheme Forms.
Exhibitors are requested NOT to bring to the Showground ANY goat that has previously had a positive reaction to the CAE test; it is advised that any milk produced at the Show should not be fed to goats of any age. All goats must conform to the current regulations regarding identification; all earmarks and tags must be readable.
Goats in milk should arrive on the Friday evening prior to the Show by 6.00pm for stripping out by an official steward at 6.30pm.
No goats should be removed from the Showground until 5pm on the Saturday, with approval from the Chief Steward.