Judge:  Mrs A Midgley
Judging commences at 9.15am when the marquee will be closed until the completion of judging.
Class 19 – 8 Bread shapes white or brown
Judging Criteria
All be exactly the same shape and size
Have an even crumb / texture, with no large holes
Be evenly baked
Have a crisp crust without wrinkles
Be springy to the touch
Have a good colour – no streaks
Have a ‘wheaty’, sweet nut-like flavour
Be presented attractively

Class 20 – Victoria  sandwich cake – 3 eggs.
Judging Criteria
Be baked in one tin, cut across and sandwiched with jam
Be a pale golden colour
Be well and evenly risen; have flat top
Have a light airy texture with even air spaces
Have a perfectly even edge; no ‘bits’ missing which would indicate it had stuck to the tin
Have a simple undecorated top apart from a dusting of icing sugar
Traditionally have no added flavouring but vanilla can be used
Be presented appropriately
Kindly sponsored by Cozy Paws Cattery, Oldfield Road Farm, Honley. T: 01484 661628

Class 21 – 6 Yorkshire Curd Tarts
Judging Criteria
Have light crisp pastry which is pale golden
Have a pastry edge which is ‘crimped’ or other suitable finish
The curd should be evenly browned and set but not ‘split’
Currants should be distributed evenly throughout
Spicing should be delicate

Class 22 – Swiss roll – 3 eggs
Judging Criteria
Be light and springy to the touch
Be well risen and symmetrical with an even texture throughout
Be a pale golden colour
Have sufficient jam for flavour, all evenly distributed with no excess ‘oozing’ out
Be presented appropriately
Kindly sponsored by Bea Maynard, Oldfield

Class 23 – 6 Sausage rolls – home-made shortcrust pastry
Judging Criteria
Evenly sized
Have a good balance of pastry to sausage ie the pastry must not be too thick
Have pastry which is crisp and light
Be egg glazed
Not split at the pastry join
Be presented suitably for a savoury item
Kindly sponsored by Honley Village Butchers, T: 01484 666604

Class 24 – 6 Fruit Scones
Judging Criteria
Be well risen and show ‘stretch marks’ around their middle showing rise upwards and not spread outwards
Be perfectly even in colour – pale golden outside and creamy white inside
Be uniform in shape and size
Be free from cracks and ‘bulges’
Be moist tender and have a light ‘crumb’ with medium evenly spaced air pockets and no large air holes
Have a pleasing well blended flavour
Have fruit distributed evenly / or be well flavoured with cheese
Be well presented
Kindly sponsored by Philomena Foggs , 11 Albion Mills, Miry Lane, Thongsbridge, Holmfirth. 01484 683444

Class 25 – A plate of 6 Ginger biscuits
Judging Criteria
Be crisp and have a ‘snap’ when broken
Have a distinctive ginger flavour
All be the same size and shape
Be baked to an even colour
Be presented appropriately
Kindly sponsored by Tracy Peto Hair and Beauty Salon, 12b Westgate, Honley HD9 6AA. T: 01484 663070. Find us on Facebook.

Class 26 – A box of home-made sweets
Judging Criteria
Be beautifully presented
Be even in size
Be regular in shape
Be colourful, but not too bright
Have flavour beyond the sweetness

Jam and Preserves – Judge: Mrs A Midgely
Judging Criteria 27 – 29 Jam, Jelly and Marmalade
Have a set which is delicate, not overset and hard to the touch
Have a bright sparkling colour
If marmalade or jam have a good distribution of fruit
If jelly be absolutely clear
Have the distinctive taste of the fruit not just of the sugar
Have a wax seal directly on top of the preserve to prevent air reaching the product
Have a well-fitting lid, a clear label with date and fruit type and a perfectly clean and sterilised jar

Class 27 – Jam
Kindly sponsored by Dixon and Franks, Honley. T: 01484 662614  www.dixonandfranks.co.uk

Class 28 – Jelly

Class 29 – Marmalade
Kindly sponsored by Andrew’s Greengrocer, 64 Huddersfield Road, Holmfirth T:01484 682787

Class 30 – Lemon Curd
Judging Criteria
Have a smooth set with no sign of curdling
Have the clear sharp flavour of lemons
Have a bright yellow colour; not cloudy / discoloured
Have a wax seal directly on top of the preserve
Have an air tight lid and be in a sparklingly clean and sterilised jar
Be no more than three weeks old
Have a label giving the date

Class 31 – Chutney
Judging Criteria
Have a regular consistency throughout, no liquid settling on top
Have a balanced flavour, not overpowered by the vinegar nor too sweet
Have a wax seal to keep air from contact with the preserve and prevent shrinking
Have a tightly fitting lid to keep airtight
Be in a sparklingly clean and sterilised jar
Have a label with date and type / flavour

Class 32 – Pickles
Judging Criteria
Have all ingredients below the level of the pickling liquid
Have pickling liquid which is clear
Have pickling liquid with correct ratio of vinegar, sugar spices
Have crisp vegetables which are packed tightly in the jar
Have vegetables which still have flavour are not overpowered by the vinegar
Be labelled with date and main ingredients
Have a tightly fitting (airtight lid)
Be contained in a sparklingly clean and sterilised jar
Kindly sponsored by Lily Pickles, Holmfirth – www.lilypicklesofholmfirth.co.uk