Commercial Cattle

Holding number 49/343/8016

Judge: Mr B. Alsop, Leicester

Judging to commence at 10.30am and in schedule order ie. numerical class order.

Class 39 – Heifer any breed or cross
Class 40 – Bullock any breed or cross
Class 41 – Best Butcher’s Bull with calf teeth
Class 42 Best Butcher’s Beast (cannot have been shown in Class 41)
Class 43 – Pair of animals from above classes
Class 44 – Champion / Reserve Champion

Prizes: The Champion of this section will receive £50 and the Reserve £25 kindly sponsored by C M & J M Osborne, Holmfirth.
The David & Beth (Jacob’s Well) Trophy – for the Champion Commercial Beef animal
The James Beever Trophy – for the Best Butcher’s Beast

The Holme Valley Beagles Hunt Cup  – will be awarded to the Best Beast, the property of a farmer over whose ground the Holme Valley Beagles have permission to hunt, in any Cattle category.


Please note: All trophies and cups are perpetual and remain the property of HS Society. They should be returned in good, clean condition on or before Show day.

Prize Money: 1st – £30, 2nd – £25, 3rd – £15, 4th – £10

Rules: All exhibitors must have Public Liability Insurance.
All animals must be on the Showground by 9.00am and remain until 5.00pm. Drivers are asked to cooperate with the Parking steward.
Under the terms and conditions of the Show there will be NO movement of motorised vehicles on the Show Field between 9.30am and 5pm.
Cattle Passports to be given to Cattle Secretary on arrival.
Parade of cattle and trophy presentation at 4pm in cattle judging rings; champions, reserves and rosette winners requested to take part.
All cattle to be tethered to the Society’s standings unless expressly asked to move them by the Cattle Section Secretary or her appointed staff. Exhibitors are responsible for attending to their animals at all times. Hay and straw is NOT provided.
Bulls must be handled by two handlers in accordance with HSE Guidance Notes GS36, ringed and led by bulldogs. Large number of entries at discretion of Secretary.
The Society reserves the right to amalgamate or cancel classes depending on entries.
The Cattle Secretary’s decision is final.

Entry Fee: £4.00 all classes

Entry tickets given to exhibitors are two tickets per animal.

Entry Form can be downloaded from the column on the right of this screen. To purchase additional entry tickets at the reduced fee, please complete the appropriate section.