Judge: Mrs Emma Edgar, Ware, Hertfordshire

Judging commences 10.30a.m.

Class 6 – Sow any age
Class 7 – Gilt born after 1/7/17
Class 8 – January Gilt born after 1/1/18
Class 9 – January Boar born after 1/1/18
Class 10 – Best Coloured Pig in Show

Prize Money: 1st – £20, 2nd – £14, 3rd – £7, 4th – £3

Entry Fee: £2.50 all classes.
Entries close Saturday 3rd June 2017.
Please send an SAE with your entry form.

Holding no. 49/343/8016
All animals must be on the Showground and penned by 9.30am.
Under the terms and conditions of the Show there will be NO movement of motorised vehicles on the Show Field between 9.30am and 5pm.
Straw and hay is provided.
All vehicles and livestock must remain on the Showground until 5pm.

An AML form will be sent out with entry passes.

Entry Form can be downloaded from the File Download on the right of this screen.
To purchase additional entry tickets at the reduced fee, please complete the appropriate section.