Coloured Horse or Pony

Affiliated to the Coloured Horse and Pony Society (CHAPS/UK).
Affiliation No. 17093

Ring 1  

Judging to commence not before 12.30pm. (After the VHS Classes.)
Judges: Ms Lesley-Anne Stewart & Ms Alison Gladwin

Class 20 – Non-Native Ridden Horse Qualifier. Exceeding 153cms(15hh)
Class 21 – Non-Native Ridden Horse Qualifier. Not exceeding 153cms(15hh)
Class 22 – Native/Cob/Traditional Ridden Horse Qualifier. Exceeding 148cms(14.2hh)
Class 23 – Native/Cob/Traditional Ridden Pony Qualifier. not exceeding 148cms(14.2hh)
Class 24 – Open Youngstock Qualifier. Any height, any type. No foals

Rules: All stallions, 4yrs old and over, entering these classes must be graded with CHAPS(UK).
ID discs must be worn on the bridle in the ring. No exemptions allowed.
Neither owner or rider/exhibitor need be a member of CHAPS(UK), nor the horse or pony be registered with CHAPS(UK) to compete. However in order to qualify both the owner and rider/exhibitor need to be a current member and present their valid Qualifier Card in the ring for signing by the Judge. Members to apply in writing to CHAPS(UK) for a qualifying card.

The CHAPS(UK) Championship show will be held 1st August 2017

For full rules and details of competition/qualification and membership, please refer to the Members Handbook, or visit

Entry Fee: £5.00 (£7 on the day) Pre-day entries close on 3rd June 2017

Exhibitors passes – 2 per horse.

Entry Form can be downloaded from the File Download on the right of this screen.
To purchase additional entry tickets at the reduced fee, please complete the appropriate section.

All exhibitors must have Public Liability Insurance and valid equine passports.