Class 16 – Mod. AC Male Class 33 – Australorp Male/Female
Class 17 – Mod. AC Female Class 34 – Japanese AC Male/Female
Class 18 – Old English Spangle Male Class 35 – Dutch Male/ Female
Class 19 – Old English Spangle Female Class 36 – Any Other Variety Male
Class 20 – Old English Black/Blue Male Class 37 – Any Other Variety Female
Class 21 – Old English Black/Blue Female Class 38 – Belgian Male/Female
Class 22 – Old English Black/Red Male Class 39 – Rosecomb AC Male/Female
Class 23 – Old English A.O.C. Male Class 40 – White Pekin Male/Female
Class 24 – Old English A.O.C. Female Class 41 – Black Pekin M/F & Pekin AC M/F
Class 25 – Asian Game M/F Class 42 – AV. Rarebreed Male/Female
Class 26 – White Wyandotte Male/Female Class 43 – Juv. Hard feather male or female
Class 27 – Wyandotte A.O.C. Male/Female Class 44 – Juv. Soft feather male or female
Class 28 – Ancona Male/Female Class 45 – Junior True Bantam male or female
Class 29 – Leghorn AC Male/Female Class 46 – Junior Handler Class 7-14 yrs old
Class 30 – Rhode Island Red Male/Female Class 47 – Children’s X-Bred or Any Type
Class 31 – Sussex AC Male/Female Class 48 – Selling Class – MUST state small or large pen required
Class 32 – Buff Rock Male/Female Class 49 – AV Trio Bantam

Class 19 – Mr S J Bamforth, 12 Westgate, Meltham, Holmfirth
Class 43 –  Beth Parry, Fenay Bridge

Judge: TBA

Prizes: 1st – £2.00, 2nd – £1.50, 3rd – 70p
Poultry Club Rosettes for Best Bantam
£10 for Best Hard Feather Bantam
£10 for Best Soft Feather Bantam
£10 for Best True Bantam


Rules: Exhibits must be penned by 9.15am on Show day and no exhibit will be admitted to the marquee after that time. Exhibits must remain until 5pm.
Under the terms and conditions of the Show there will be NO movement of motorised vehicles on the Show Field between 9.30am and 5pm.
All juniors exhibiting must be present on Show day and be aged 16 and under.
All juniors exhibiting in the Junior Handler Classes must be present at 9.15am and be aged 14 and under on Show day. It is important that exhibitors observe DEFRA’S Regulations regarding Avian Flu.


Entry Fee: £1.00 – No entries accepted without an entry fee.
Entries close Saturday 26th May 2018

Six entries or more will qualify for one Exhibitor’s Pass. Please send S.A.E. minimum size A5.

Entry Form can be downloaded from the column on the right of this screen.  To purchase additional entry tickets at the reduced fee, please complete the appropriate section.