Robinsons Brewery, one of the oldest and most respected family brewers in the UK, are celebrating after their talented gentle giant, Mojo, took the honours of the National Championship at this year’s prestigious National Shire Horse Show.


The show is an annual event which takes place every March, and this year saw over 250 Shires compete from across Europe. The event celebrates the breed’s unique history and heritage, with spectators attending from all over the world.

Victoria Clayton, Secretary of the Shire Horse Society, said “We are delighted that Robinsons Brewery won the In-hand Gelding Championship. It is some 59 years since the title went to a brewery, the last winners being Youngs & Co in 1959 with Wandle Majestic. The win shows the effort and dedication of the current horsewomen at the brewery, Helen Preece and Lisa Trotter, who with the brewery are fantastic ambassadors for the Shire breed. The Champion gelding also very briefly met Her Royal Highness the Countess of Wessex recently, and perhaps her kind words of encouragement gave Mojo an extra bit of luck!”

Mojo took the lead and powered through the Senior Gelding Class, winning National Championship out of a total of 30 Shire horses. This win comes as a major achievement, with Robinsons being the first brewery in the world to win a National Championship since 1959.

Bobek, Robinsons’ second skilled Shire horse, also proved his strength and came third in the Single Trade Turn Out Class, where he was put through his paces and competed. 12 horses entered and 10, including Bobek, were put forward for judging. Both Bobek and Mojo have never competed at National level before, which as a result displays their exceptional ability to triumph on such occasions.

John Robinson, Brand Development Manager for Robinsons Brewery, said: “Our Shires are the heart and soul of Robinsons Brewery. We are so incredibly proud of Mojo, and the entire stables team, for this amazing achievement of winning National Champion. Mojo joined us last year after we purchased him from Paul and Matthew Bedford. He has delighted and surprised us every day with his kind nature and abilities. Mojo will be 4 this month so he is still not fully grown yet and is already a giant! To have the best Shire gelding in the country working for Robinsons is fantastic and we are very lucky to have him. Special thanks to Helen and Lisa for looking after them so well and making them the horses that they are today.”

Mojo (almost 4 years old) and Bobek (8 years old) are the latest in a long line of Shire horses which, apart from a brief interruption during the First World War when all horses were sold for war duties, have served Robinsons Brewery for over 100 years.

In their heyday, before the arrival of the internal combustion engine, Robinsons’ Shires would traditionally deliver their ales to local inns and hostelries as well as helping to transport bottles and cases between Unicorn and Hempshaw Brook Breweries in the 1950’s. Today Bobek and Mojo are two of the few remaining working Shires in the British Brewing industry and a familiar, much loved part of Stockport and the brewery’s heritage.

When Mojo and Bobek aren’t winning awards for their immaculate turnout, grooming and show discipline, they can be found (usually eating) at Robinsons Visitors centre situated in the heart of Stockport. The ‘boys’ also make guest appearances at Robinsons Trade Shows, promotional events, anniversaries, pub openings and notable celebrations, shows, carnivals and country fairs throughout the year.